Random Mom Tip #2

I have discovered the easiest way in the universe to clean high chairs and booster seats… and the dining chairs to which said booster seats are strapped. Stuck on baby food puree?  Cheerios plastered to the bottom with dried baby spit?  Other unidentifiable crust?  No problem. Step 1:  Drag everything crusty into the driveway Step […]

Make Aheads Part 3: Oatmeal Balls

Today, here’s another super duper easy breakfast make ahead.  I love this one because I can make it at the same time I’m making breakfast for myself.  Usually, I double up on make aheads.  I do these on the same day I do apple bites since I already have a huge pile of cubed apples […]

On Putting the Kid to Work

Over Christmas, Hubby and I were visiting his parents in his hometown, and he ran into a friend from high school after a Christmas church service.  The guys were catching up, and he proudly introduced Bubs, then gave my growing belly a pat and introduced Squishy as well.  The friend is married with 4 boys […]