I Want a Church

I want a church that loves and embraces people AS THEY ARE, no strings attached. I want a church that doesn’t just put “You are SAFE here” on the walls of the foyer in bold, painted letters, but actually lives it. I want a church that cares less about the shape of the bodies and […]

So I Got an Electric Car

My faithful 2003 Buick Regal started to show her age about a month ago in a big way, and we realized it was time to get a new vehicle.  I hate car shopping.  We aren’t in the best place to be buying a car right now anyway, and I just wanted my Buick to magically […]

Stop and Snuggle

This past week, our 4 year old got really sick. I got the dreaded call from Preschool, and I admit, my first thought was, “Oh boy. What has he done now?” (side note: last week’s reports included 2 dumped out water tables and 1 dumped out sensory bin. Calls from preschool are not uncommon). He […]

Health & Fitness Update 3!

My, how things… well mainly me… are moving along!  Woot!  I started the journey to better after-baby health in January with everyone else’s resolutions and good intentions, and some very real change has taken place in that time. Two dress sizes, 14 lb, and 3 inches off my waist are gone.  It’s about 25% of […]