Health & Fitness Update 3!

My, how things… well mainly me… are moving along!  Woot!  I started the journey to better after-baby health in January with everyone else’s resolutions and good intentions, and some very real change has taken place in that time.

Two dress sizes, 14 lb, and 3 inches off my waist are gone.  It’s about 25% of the way to my goal of getting down that box in the garage labeled “Crystal’s Pre-Preg Clothes.”  There’s some good ish in that box.  I dropped some serious cash on my professional wardrobe before Taz came along and surprised us.  I am very much looking forward to playing dress up in my old clothes, but also aware that things may never fit the way they did before two babies stretched my middle out to there.

The MFP app I mentioned in the last update made an absolutely massive difference.  That free app has held me accountable, given me a plan, and connected me to other people on a similar journey so I don’t flood my friends’ news feeds with a constant barrage of workout selfies.  

I think the trickiest part has been figuring out how far to push myself.  I want change to take place, so I know I need to push past my comfort zone to make my body adapt, but I have enough physical limitations from the pregnancies that I’d like to avoid heaping injury on top of those.  I realized about a month ago that my knees were not very strong at all and needed some support to avoid injury, so I bought some knee braces at CVS.  They look kind of ridiculous with workout shorts, but whatevs.  Wearing them ensures that my knees don’t feel like they want to give out after a workout.  MFP is a calorie counter, so for awhile it was hard to figure out what to eat on rest days when I didn’t get an extra 200-400 calories from a workout.  I have since figured out how to fill my dinner plate with mounds of veggies and fruits instead of grains and starches, and it’s a lot easier to get a full belly with fewer calories.  My body had to adjust to eating less, but I’m now more than satisfied eating within my calorie allowance for the day.  

It is so important to REST!  I had to learn that the hard way.   I did too many training days in a row and hit a major wall.  It’s hard to drag yourself through the day with two little people depending on you for everything when everything HURTS.  I took my body’s hint and went back to taking long walks for a couple of days, and made sure to get to bed early.

I have Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and her Shred It with Weights DVD, and a Gaim Cardio DVD, and a Yoga DVD that I have been rotating.  I got pretty comfortable with Level 1 of the Shred, so added Level 2 after already doing Level 1.  The first day, I seriously felt like I was going to die after that.  It’s completely doable now, but I have to modify 2 or 3 exercises in Level 2 now.  

The most encouraging thing has been seeing signs of muscle growth in my arms and middle.  I feel strength in my body again, and it feels fantastic!  Putting away the extra-large jeans felt pretty fantastic, too.

Finding time to workout is the challenge.  When I’m home, I wait until the afternoon nap.  Working out with little kids around is just about impossible.  Taz constantly pops into my face to ask, “Mommy what are you doing?  Are you OK?” and repeat 50 times.  It just works better for all of us if I get out the stuff when they are snoozing away!  When I work, I have been taking long walks on my lunch break, and occasionally getting up before everyone else to squeeze in a DVD workout.  But seriously I hate getting up early, so I don’t think that’s going to be a thing for very long.  

I’ve certainly learned the importance of picking up the many toys with wheels in the living room before working out, too!  Slipping on a dump truck once was eNOUGH for me.

I have a pretty “goal” dress that I purchased in an optimistic moment about a year ago now.  It’s still 2 sizes away from fitting correctly, but it sure feels great to be able to get the zipper up now!  I’d love to wear it to work while the weather is still warm this year…. we’ll see, I guess!


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