Fitness Update #2

8 weeks in and I am seeing progress!  Fiiiiiinally.

I really can’t believe how much harder it is to get in shape in my late twenties, after 2 babies, than it was in my teens and early twenties. (said every woman ever)

For about a month, I was making minor changes- changes that would have produced weight loss in my younger days- and saw absolutely zero results.  

Then I upped my workouts by quite a bit.  I bought a kettle bell and learned how to use it properly, and have been rotating running/ speed walking, kettle bell workouts, yoga, and cardio workout videos 4 times per week.  The two weeks of doing that saw no weight loss at all, but I could actually jog an entire mile and a half by the end of two weeks which was great.  

This little app has been the key to seeing baby weight come off:



It’s a really easy calorie tracker.  You enter your gender, height, weight, activity level, and goals, and it comes up with a calorie number you need to hit daily to get to your goal.  I have tried calorie tracking before on programs like Weight Watchers, but they were always so confusing for me.  I didn’t like the points system (too confusing), and when I tried tracking calories before, I had to enter nearly every food into the program manually since the library wasn’t very big.  MFP is awesome because nearly everything I buy to eat has already been entered in the system.  They even have an easy to use recipe calculator on the site for homemade meals.  

I realized after a few days of doing this that in the past, I have been eating way too much, and too much of the wrong stuff.  I’m still able to enjoy everything I normally eat, but I’ve filled in a lot more fruits and veggies now- high in fiber, low in calories, so I can actually feel full.

I’m down a pants size, down 7 lb, and starting to feel like my old self again.

Yay for things happening!


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