Why Having 2 Under 2 was Awesome

When people find out that we had our little guys just 15 months apart, they usually gasp and say something like, “How do you do it???”

I usually answer something like, “uh, one day at a time, I guess?”  

The truth is that, like everything, you just take it as it comes.  This is my life, and so… I’m living it.

But I think people get caught up in obsessing over the couple of months of lost sleep that comes with a newborn, the busy-ness of a little toddler, add those up in their heads and come to the conclusion that it must be close to impossible to live through.  From my perspective, I’m so very glad we had the boys so close together.  I have a few of you out there who are expecting 2 under 2 any day now, or are in the first few weeks of it, so let me be a voice of encouragement for you!

7 Reasons Why Having 2 Kids Under 2 Is Awesome!

1.  The older one will never remember being an only child.  This may be unique to us, but we never had to deal with sibling jealousy when we brought home the new baby.  He was so young himself that after about a week, it was like “Baby” as he called him, had always been a member of the fam.

2.  2 in diapers = way the heck easier than 1 in diapers and 1 potty training toddler.  Trust me on that one, especially now that we’re in the middle of potty training Taz.  Before, we did a butt check every 2 hours.  Easy.  People always make a big deal out of diapers like it’s hard or something.  You know what’s hard?  Cleaning up potty training accidents.  Diapers are cake.

3.  They are entertained by the same things!  I used to lay Taz down next to Little P and make them both giggle for 20 minutes by tickling them or making funny faces.  Then we would do blocks.  Then we’d load up the double stroller and go for a walk.  They love the same toys and same activities!  So we don’t have a big kid set of stuff and a baby set of stuff.  We’re in baby mode all the time!

4.  The house is already baby proofed.  No need to put up gates and re-adjust to living life around baby proofing gear. We’re already there!

5.  The baby clothes are being well used.  We had two of the same gender.  Little P is about a year behind his big bro in clothing size.  They go into the attic for a few months, then it’s time to get the box out for baby boy!

6.  I never got used to sleeping all night anyway.  It’s funny how your body adjusts.  I didn’t have that fog in the first few months that I did with Taz.  I was already used to getting up a few times a night and functioning the next day, so no need to readjust for that.

7.  They both go to bed super early.  Once Little P started “sleeping through” (whatever that means for a baby), they both went to bed at 6:30, and still do!  Wahoo!  Mommy and Daddy time!!!

So, really!  It’s great, you guys!  2 under 2 is not really all that hard.  At least not harder than anything else in life.  We’re already in baby mode.  We didn’t have to get OUT of baby mode and then get back in.  In fact, we’re kind of thinking that if we want to add more kids, we’d better get on it soon before we get used to not being in baby mode….

So what I’m saying is… I’m in trouble.



4 thoughts on “Why Having 2 Under 2 was Awesome

  1. If found this post searching for comfort about having my second due in September. My first is 9 months, which means like you, my littles will be 15 months apart and though this baby was very much wanted and very much planned, it’s so comforting to find other mama’s who are more experienced than myself and who don’t resent it. So thank you, for bringing me comfort and encouragement.

  2. I’m so glad I could add a positive voice in the sea of Negative Nancies out there! I love my two babies and how they fill our home with constant laughter. Mine actually weren’t planned, but they are very much wanted and very much loved! You’ll be great!!!

  3. SO appreciate this! It’s like you said “in the sea of negative nancies” it’s always nice to hear positive outlooks on lifes situations 😀 I wrote a post about tips & tricks to first managing 2 under 2 & i’d love if you had any tip or tricks of your own you could add!

  4. Haha I could write the opposite post..”Why having two 4 years apart is Awesome!” But I get what you mean. Once you have something, you figure out how to make it work. It’s either concentrate on the good and be happy, or be miserable. Happy is always the right choice!

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