Health & Fitness Update

I’ve been at it for two weeks now, and I’m excited to say that I’m finally seeing some change!  

I have some rules for myself:

1) Work out for 30 min, 3-5 times per week.  This is not negotiable.  If it’s Saturday and I’ve only worked out twice that week, time to get up and get moving.  If it’s Thursday and I’ve worked out 3 times so far, I’m more than halfway to my goal of 5 times per week, so it’s time to get up and get moving.  

2) Avoid processed foods.  Anything with an ingredient in the label that I can’t pronounce should not be on my plate.  And it’s kind of crazy what this simple rule gets rid of.  I’m focusing on fruits and veggies, brown rice, oats, quinoa, some cheese, and a little meat and eggs. 

3)  Have compassion on myself.  If a roommate offers me a Girl Scout cookie, eat one (ONE) and enjoy it!  Food is pleasure, and if I’m so focused on being “good” and punish myself every time I “slip up” it sucks the joy right out of one of the best parts of being alive- eating great tasting food.  Compassion for myself also means knowing when to stop and fuel my body with life giving food.  It’s all about balance.

4) Focus on fitness over a specific number on the scale.  This one is the hardest rule on my list.  I’ve been conditioned my entire life to obsess over losing a certain amount of pounds, to be a specific size… but it doesn’t matter.  Because I’ve been a size 6- and it didn’t matter.  I wanted to be a size 4.  So screw sizes, and screw pounds.  

I have been run/ walking a 2 mile track this past week, and I realized about halfway through it that I didn’t need to stop to walk, so I kept going!  I ran almost the entire 2 miles and felt awesome!  And when I did my cross training day, I was able to do all 50 sit-ups, where the week before it nearly killed me to get through all the reps.  When I ran, I wasn’t constantly yanking my workout clothes into position- they stayed put because they fit a little better.  I’m sleeping more soundly, my skin is clearing up, and I’m feeling like my old self again.

The hardest part is actually getting up the motivation to DO the workouts.  I really didn’t feel like it today, but I put on my workout clothes anyway.  Then I laced up my battered shoes.  



And I grabbed my kettle bell.

ImageAnd I did it anyway.  

I never regret working out and eating right.  I always regret NOT working out.  And if I overdo the splurge food, I definitely regret how I feel after.  

Yay for seeing change happening!


2 thoughts on “Health & Fitness Update

  1. The one thing that’s helped me the most over the years is not weighing myself. Seriously, I do not own a scale. I only get weighed whenever I go to the doctor (which thankfully isn’t very often now that pregnancy is over!). :^D

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