“You have your hands full!”

I hear it literally every day.  


Well, maybe not every day.  If I don’t leave the house, I don’t hear it every day.  But- I’M NOT KIDDING YOU- every time I take both boys with me ANYWHERE, someone utters these words with widened eyes.

“You have your hands full!”

“Two BOYS!  Wow!  You must have your hands full!”

“15 MONTHS APART!  My gosh!  You sure have your hands full!”

Elevators, doctors offices, grocery stores, church, heck even the PARK.  

Yesterday, we walked to our local park.  Taz was quietly digging in the grass with a stick, Little P was happily chewing on a teether.  It was a sweet, peaceful moment for us.  And a very nice man walked by with a big, fluffy doggie (Taz loves big, fluffy doggies) and said hello.  Then uttered the infamous words. 

I have pondered this occurrence.  Why do complete strangers feel so compelled to tell me I have my hands full?  Is this information something they feel they must convey when we meet?  I really don’t get it.  Sometimes my hands aren’t full at all if both kids are occupied. 

So I came up with a comeback.  

“Yes they are.  Full of blessings!”

(uttered with slight sarcasm if one or both children is/are having a melt down)

I guess it’s like pregnancy- people feel like they can relate to you if they’ve ever been pregnant/ known someone who was pregnant, so they want to talk about it.  If people see children and have had children, they want to talk about it. Plus kids are cute!  But the thing that bothers me about the comment is the inference that children are a hassle.  They can be a hassle sometimes, but that’s not how I look at them in the grand scheme of things.  They are a blessing.  They have filled my heart with love and my home with laughter.  There plenty of reasons why having them so close together was the perfect timing for our family.  

Maybe I’m overly sensitive, maybe I’m reading into it too much.  But I’m going to stick to my comeback.

(ironic tone, raised eyebrows) “My!  Don’t you have your hands full!”

“YES!  Full of blessings!!!”



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