Home Improving: DIY Dining Room Chandelier Upgrade

As I mentioned a few posts back, we became new home owners approximately 2 weeks before Little P was born.  (Side note:  If you ever have the chance to NOT move when you’re 9 mo pregnant… take that chance)  We absolutely adore our new place.  The neighborhood is awesome, it’s close to the city but quiet enough that it feel like the country, it came with FOUR fruit trees!  So much goodness!

It also came with its fair share of funkiness.  The house was built in the 50’s and started out life as a 3 bed 1 bath.  It has had 4 additions over the years and sort of organically sprawls from the original house out and up.  And for the last 30 years of its life, the house has been a rental property.  As in, it hasn’t been loved by a live in homeowner for a long, long time.  The property owner made some really crazy choices when it came to decor.  We’re reasonably certain that the choices were driven by what was on sale at Home Depot when something needed fixing.  The deck is purple.  PURPLE.  There are THREE different kinds of tile in the kitchen.  There are at least a dozen different kinds of tile in the house (they really REALLY liked tile.)  The tile on the floor in my bathroom isn’t even indoor tile… it’s meant for a pool deck (read: sucks to clean).  There are no cabinets in my bathroom (!).  And the living room came with SIX different colors.  Half of the living room:  pink ceiling, 2 different shades of yellow on some walls, blue on another wall.  Other half of the living room:  mauve ceiling, blue wall, and 2 purple walls.  Cuh-ray-zay.

Stay tuned for before and after paint pictures.  We’re doing so much painting right now that our poor arms are about to fall off- can’t wait to make this place a little… saner?

Anyways, I decided to tackle a small, easy DIY project on the light in the dining room, and that’s what I want to share today!  It was inspired by this project from Young House Love (I’m obsessed with them- it’s a problem).

So here’s the original light:


Not the worst thing in the world, but definitely your average, ugly, outdated dining room chandelier.

First, I swapped our the bulbs for some fun, round bulbs from Lowe’s.  That made a pretty big difference right away.


I decided I liked them, so set them aside.  Next, I dismounted the light and got it prepped to spray paint.  I used some fun, metallic indigo paint by Rustoleum.



It took the whole can to cover it.  I loved it just by itself after it was painted, but wanted the more formal feel YHL got with their drum shade.  Finding a reasonably priced drum shade proved to be tricky.  The ones I found at lighting stores and online were all over $100, and often $200.  Too much for this project.  I was at Ikea for something unrelated and thought to check there, and found this gem for only $35!  How do you like them apples?


I love the result.  The light it casts now is so much more even, and it makes the whole space feel much more formal and grown up.


Once we finish the great room paint job, I’ll bust out the Mk III and take some real photos for you guys.

The best part of this project?  I was able to do the whole thing during nap time!  2 hours, $45, new night.  Love. It.


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