Random Mom Tip #1

Sometimes the baby decides to lay a serious poopsplosion all over himself.  Then I have to come in and figure out how to clean it all up- no easy task.

When I was a new mom with Taz I was constantly trying to hold open the wet/poopy bottom of the onesie as I yanked it off of my wiggly little baby without getting his crap all over his little head and hair.  Ew.

Then it dawned on me….

You know how the tops of onesies are kind of weird shaped to get over their disproportionately large heads?


Well, it also makes it perfect to slip the onesie over their hips and diapers, down their feet instead of back over their heads.

Poopsplosion contained.

It only took me 3 months in to parenting my second child to figure this out.  I’m smart like that.


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