Cloth Diapering 102: Your Questions

Q. Would you ever consider hand washing cloth diapers?

A. Nope. Ew.

Q. Because of the “sposies” where you able to use cd’s while your boys were in the meconium pooping phase?

A.  I’ve never had to deal with meconium at home. Both my guys managed to get that all out in the hospital- I got lucky. Seriously, though, I would not want to be trying to get that stuff off my diapers. We just swiped as many newborn sposies from the hospital as we could and used them until their belly button stumps fell off. I put them in cloth after the cord heals up. I have no problem using free diapers 😉

Q.  Why did you go with the Fuzzibunz brand of pocket diapers? 

We loved Fuzzibunz because they were the ONLY diapers we tried out that didn’t leak. It took some experimenting to get the right fit, but once we did, we’ve never had a leaking problem. We like the flexibility of the pocket diaper style- how we can stuff them extra thick for night and not so much for day. Pocket diapers also dry (in the machine) way faster than all-in-one styles because the pieces separate. Finally, they have SNAPS and not VELCRO! Once Parker figured out how velcro worked, we could not keep a velcro closing diaper on him. yuck.

Q. What powder did you use for diaper rash?

We don’t use powder- they’ve linked baby powder use to respiratory problems in young children, so you’re not supposed to use it any more. For rashes, I don’t worry about creams as far as the diapers since we use the liners. The liners create a barrier so the creams don’t get into the fibers- I’ve been doing it for 18 months with no issues. But the creams that work for us are CJ’s BUTTer, Buttpaste, and the GroVia stick.

Q. What kind of detergent do you use?

A. We actually just use the fragrance and dye free environmentally friendly Kirkland liquid now. I’ve tried it all- Green Rock, Tiny Bubbles, and BioKleen to name a few. The Kirkland stuff works and it’s cheap!

Q. What do you do when the diapers stink even after washing them?

Ah, the dreaded diaper stench.  If your diapers stink even after you’ve washed them, it can be because of a few problems.  Sometimes bacteria and body oils build up in the fibers of the diapers, or detergents and fabric softeners (DO NOT EVER USE FABRIC SOFTENER WHEN YOU LAUNDER DIAPERS!!!), so you need to strip them.  There are a TON of ways to go about this.

When we lived in a condo with a shared laundry room and “energy efficient” washers, it was hard to strip them.  You basically need to dump as much hot water on them as possible.  So here’s what finally worked after I tried dozens of methods:  

1.  Launder the diapers as usual but do not dry them.

2.  Load the diapers (clean diapers, mind you) into the dishwasher with a drop of Dawn dish soap.

3.  Run the dishwasher at least twice. You will know you got the diapers good and stripped when, if you take a peek in the dishwasher mid cycle, you no longer see soap suds on the diapers.  The first time I stripped my diapers, it took NINE loads.  Ridiculous, but it was because I had never done it before.  After the first time, 2 loads did it.  

4.  Throw them in the dryer or line dry.

Now that we have a house, though, and a not-so-energy-efficient washer, I just soak the clean diapers in a bucket with apple cider vinegar and water once a month, then wash them again with no soap.  Works like a charm.

Q. We clothed diapers Sebastian part of the time when he was a baby. But we found he would get rashes if he wore them at night. Do you ever have that problem?

A.  Actually, quite the opposite.  Every time I have put my guys with their little pasty Irish bums in a sposie, they got a rash.  😦  They react to the chemicals in spouses and it shows up on their skin.  My guess is that you had rash issues because your diapers needed to be stripped.  


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