Make Aheads Part 2: Banana Coins

Banana coins!

This is one of my favorite make aheads right now.  It’s a super easy, nutritious breakfast that is a snap to make and re-heat.  The best part is that it’s really easy to make them on the weekend when I’m already making a special breakfast for me and hubby (special = not cereal or a smoothie in our house).  Plus, they’re a hit with my kiddo!  Can’t beat that 🙂

1.)    Start with any basic pancake recipe.  I like this one.  We always use unbleached white, white whole wheat, or wheat pastry flour in our cooking, in an attempt to eat “clean.”  I also throw in a couple of tablespoons of ground flax seed for some healthy fats.

2.)    Next, slice up a few bananas into coins.  I made a big batch this weekend, and used 5 bananas total.  We’re set on these babies for aWHILE.


3.)    Throw those banana coins into the batter, and heat a skillet with a little cooking spray.

4.)    Dig out those banana pieces from the batter and fry ’em up!  I found that my spatula was too big for these little things, so I ended up using my cake server to flip them.

5.)    Then, serve to your kid, or freeze flat on a wax paper covered baking sheet.  Once they’re frozen, toss them into a Ziplock to use later.

6.)    To reheat, nuke them for 30 sec, flip and nuke for another 30 sec.  Set them aside for a few minutes to make sure they aren’t too hot for the baby.


These are really easy for Bubs to pick up and eat himself, which both of us looooove.

They are also Daddy-friendly.  Which is awesome when I want to sleep in a little bit on the weekend and nudge Hubby awake for some Daddy duty instead.  All he has to do is get the kiddo, change a diaper,  heat up some coins, and not wake me up 😀

daddy cartoon

Also, if they are flung from the high chair in a fit of gravitational experimentation (my LEAST favorite toddler behavior at the moment.  grrrr) they are fairly easy to clean up off the floor.


My plan of action to get rid of that behavior:  the moment he does it, the food goes away.  I say, “Uh Oh!  You are throwing food!  You must be ALL DONE!”  And I do the sign for “all done.”  I remove him from the high chair and set him in front of his toys.  He usually plays for a minute, then does the sign for “more.”  So I pick him up and put the same food in front of him, saying, “Please do not throw your food.  Food is to eat, not to throw.”  Repeat as necessary.  Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but I figure it’s just one of those maddening phases I have to ride out for now.


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