Getting out the Door After Date Night

I’m officially to that point in pregnancy when things start to get uncomfy.  I walk around all day feeling like I have a brick in my belly.  A brick that occasionally kicks and rolls.  My job as a music teacher for a little dinky k-8 private school has me running from classroom to classroom all day, guitar, laptop, sheet music, and classroom aides in tow.  I LOVE my job- totally, completely love it, but it’s getting hard to drag all that stuff around in between buildings all day!  Phew.  Plus it’s getting hard to breathe if i have to bend over to pick anything up, put on shoes, or shave my gorilla legs.


Today started off a little crazy, too.  Hubby took me out last night on an absolutely EPIC date.  Like, get dressed up and go to a ridiculously awesome, swanky restaurant date.  We never do that, and I loooooooved it!  We have “restaurant week” here in San Diego a couple of times a year, and you can hit some amazing restaurants for some prix fix menus at incredible rates.  We ate at Bertrand at Mr. A’s for $40 a plate last night.  In-freaking-credible.  If you’re around these parts, you should check out Restaurant Week and get your date night ON!

So all that said, date night was in the middle of the week after one of my two days a week at work.  So, sheesh.  I’m wiped out.  I think we all were.  Even Bubs was dragging this morning.


(It was empty, people- stop freaking out)

I’ll never understand why when people wake up in movies/ commercials/ sitcoms they look so stinking perfect.  Like we sleep with our hair done and makeup in place.  I wake up looking like a puffy, pregnant train wreck.


(If anyone knows where this one came from, lemme know!  A friend emailed it to me and it describes my morning perfectly…)


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