The Un-SuperMomma Takes Off!

So there I was, steaming a basket of apple cubes with my toddler banging his head on the baby gate to the kitchen.  He was sobbing and signing “more,” as in,

“Pay attention to me and give me “more” food even though I just ate 1/4 c of peas, a banana, and a slice of buttered toast.”

And I thought, “OMG, this is my life right now.”

And then I thought about posting something snarky and enlightening for all of my other mommy friends on Facebook.  But then I thought about all of my non-mommy friends on Facebook who would just roll their eyes at me because they can’t relate to this right now.  And I realized that I have been filtering myself like that for almost 2 years- including during my pregnancy with Bubs.  And truth is, a girl’s gotta have an outlet.  So instead of sweeping and mopping during Bubs’ nap time, I made this blog instead.

So here’s what I want to do- I want to make this a place to share a few (hopefully) amusing anecdotes from my daily, crazy life, post some meal ideas, vent about a few things here and there, and throw out some ideas for those crazy kiddo phases we walk through as new (or not so new) parents.  Get a discussion going.  Laugh.  Post this stuff I’m living and learning about without worrying about annoying the crap out of my not-interested-in-kid-posts friends.

It’s my goal in life to keep enjoying without ever appearing on it *shudder* and to share a well balanced picture of my life to peeps.  But I’m learning a lot as I go along my merry way, and I want to be able to share some of it, so here we go!

First, a smidgen about me.  I have a 14 month old.  14 months ago I would have read that and been all, “Seriously?  You’re past the 1 year mark and still counting your baby’s age in months?”  Now-days I get it.  There’s a huge difference between a 12 month old and a 14 month old.  But I digress…

So yeah, I have a 14 month old that shall be called Bubs on this here blog.  I am currently gestating Bubs a younger brother that we are calling Squishy.  Squishy does not have a real name yet, unfortunately, but the Hubster and I are working on it.  We better get our act together, too, because I only have 11 more Fridays until my due date.  AHHH!  It’s getting increasingly harder to see my toes.


The Hubster and I have been married for 4.5 years, and quite happily I’d like to add.  He’s a real catch.  Seriously- looks, smarts, sensitivity- this guy’s a total triple threat!  And he’s mine. 🙂

I’m Crystal and I balance a photography business (don’t get too excited about seeing pretty pics on this blog, though.  It will be nearly entirely made of iPhone photos because that’s easy and I’m lazy these days), a part time job teaching music, raising my kid (soon to be kids), and building my marriage.  I can’t believe how overwhelming it has all felt lately.  I’m seeking balance.  Some days I feel like I really rock at balance.  Most of the time I don’t- but I’m working on it.

Thanks for reading!  And if you’re interested, you can follow me at


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